Material Guide: Polyester - environmental issues and its complex relationship to fashion

Known for its durability, cheapness and versatility, polyester is one of the most used fibres in the textile industry, overtaking cotton production in 2002. It is derived from oil and, together with other synthetic materials, makes up for about 65% of the entire textile industry. Despite its popularity and extensive

Material Guide: What is viscose fabric, and is it sustainable?

Viscose is a material that often causes a bit of confusion - often described as a natural, sustainable fibre, with properties similar to silk. Viscose, or rayon, is classified as a semi-synthetic fabric - made from wood, but chemically processed to derive the fibre, it’s neither classified as a

"Brands can have a bigger impact on working conditions by collaborating on social issues"

An interview with Stephanie Schrage from the University of Hamburg about her research on sustainability in the textile industry

Introducing Faer for Android!

Ever since the launch of Faer our aim has been to bring Faer to Android too. There are over one billion people using Android worldwide, and making the world of sustainable fashion easily available for everyone...

The Fashion Revolution is around you

Using the new Local Store Finder, you can now find local businesses that stock the brand for a product you discover in Faer.

How circular and sustainable fashion go together

This week we released a new version of Faer that supports the circularfashion.ID. Hold the camera in Faer over an ID and get detailed information about...

What is sustainable fashion? And fair fashion, ethical fashion, eco fashion, ...

At last week’s Berlin Fashion Week we had the oppurtunity to meet many amazing people and brands. One of the first questions we often would get is what fair fashion or sustainable fashion means to us. There is no clear definition of these terms, ...