What is sustainable fashion? And fair fashion, ethical fashion, eco fashion, ...

At last week’s Berlin Fashion Week we had the oppurtunity to meet many amazing people and brands. One of the first questions we often would get is what fair fashion or sustainable fashion means to us. There is no clear definition of these terms, and from our experience they can mean different things to different people.

We think providing transparency is key, and we’d like to shed some light on what we consider when including brands in Faer. Apart from the brand’s collection itself, there needs to be transparency on where and how the clothing is manufactured. Producing close to consumers helps reducing CO2 footprints, still we met brands that work with great initiatives like Living Blue in Asia or Global Mamas in Africa that help support local artisan communities.

Apart from the production itself, the types of fabrics used is just as important. Organic fibers, ideally certified, help reduce the use of pesticides and recycled materials save natural resources, an important step towards a circular economy.

Ultimately, you won't find brands in Faer that are known for poor working conditions or don't provide any information on sourcing or manufacturing. In addition, we are working on making more information available directly in Faer - both about products and the brands themselves.

Stay tuned!